About Me

Hello dear Bible lovers! 

My name is Eli Dahan and I live in Jerusalem, Israel. I’m married to Iris and we have five beautiful children. I teach Bible, Jewish Philosophy & Jewish Studies. I completed my MA at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem in 2007 focusing on the Hebrew Bible.

I would like share with you the story behind Bibleli. Bibleli is my second FAMILY. I started Bibleil with one simple idea: everyone, everywhere, should be able to study the Bible! That is why I have founded Bibleli- a special studying online community. Bibeli is your way to learn about the Hebrew Bible and be involved with community of like-minded people.  

Bibleli is my lifelong DREAM - a dream that I had a few years ago, when I thought about A COMMUINTY that can learn from one hand and give to others from another hand. We called it – Lakol- to LEARN about the Bible in order to GIVE some of the payment for organizations/students that need our support.

Moreover, Bibleli is a JOURNEY- an endless journey through the Bible. On September 2015 this journey has started, as Bibleli’s first online course,  ” Jacob our third Patriarch”, was launched. To learn more about this course and others courses, click here

Nowadays, we are on our seventh course. Bibleli’s students have already deepened their Biblical Knowledge on Jacob, Moses, Abraham, David, The Garden of Eden and The four Matriarchs.

Are You Ready For Our New Journey?