Bibleli's Online Courses
How long is the course?                             8 weeks
How often do we meet?                             1 hour per week
Who is the course for?                               Bible Lovers, Hebrew\ Non-Hebrew readers
Where is the course?                                  Online
How many people on each course?         Up to 15

How to Sign up?                                           Email \ Phone\ Facebook
How much does the course cost?             $100 USD
How to pay?                                                   PayPal Transaction, Bank Transformation

Upcoming Courses Information:

September 6 to October 25, 2018

USA: Thursday , 8:00 pm, EST.
Europe: Thursday, 7:00 pm, London time. 

Course 16: Brothers

This month, we are  starting a new journey! 

Every week, as described in the
Syllabus, we shall deepen our knowledge about brothers of the Bible.​

What will I learn?

The courses are eight weeks long (8 sessions). Sessions are held once a week: Thursday 8:oo pm EST\ 7:00 pm London Time. ​For more details about the Europe Course Syllabus ,
Click here .

If you have questions or concerns, just let us know!

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