How to Sign Up for a Course?
How to Join Class?
How to Pay?

There are 3 options to register for our courses:
1. Fill in your details in this form
2. Live Chat
3. Contact us via email

Please read our  Terms and Conditions

1.Go to Webex
2. If you have a Webex account, sign in. If you are a new costumer, sign up
here .
3. Join Bibleli's class from the email invitations you receive. When it's time to join, select the  meeting link in the email. For any further assistance, 
click here
When you sign up for one of our courses, the first session is FREE of charge. After the first session, If you decide to stay on the course, we will send you a Paypal payment request via email. ​
-You can also make a Bank transfer.

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More Frequently Asked Questions

+How long is the course? 
-8 Weeks (8 sessions)

+How often do we meet?                          
-1 hour per week

+Who is the course for?                               
-Bible Lovers, Hebrew\ Non-Hebrew readers

+Where is the course?                                

+How many people on each course?        
-Up to 15

+How to Sign up?                                          
-Email\ Phone\ Facebook

+How much does the course cost?           
-$100 USD

+How long will I have access to the recording?
-Enrolled students will have access to their class recording  8 weeks from the date you register .The webex Lectures will be available to view and download immediately after each lesson. 

How can I get the course materials?
​-All the course Powerpoint Presentations are free and will be sent to your email.